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Jagdalpur is a city in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, an Indian state. Jagdalpur is geographically lies between 19.07° North latitude and 82.03° East longitude. The average elevation of Jagdalpur is 552 meters or 1811 feet. The city lies on the southern bank of river Indravati. During the ancient period Jagdalpur was the capital of the princely state of Bastar. Jagdalpur is the administrative headquarters of Bastar Division and Bastar District.

Message From Mayor's Desk

It is my proud privilege to be elected as Mayor of jagdalpur and I am thankful for this opportunity being given to meIt is my personal experience from public life that mutual understanding and goodwill between citizens and the civic body are essential for better delivery of civic services. At times, if understanding and goodwill are not present, much of the good work accomplished by the Corporation is not properly appreciated whereas people remain unsatisfied thinking we are unable to perform. We, in jagdalpur municipal corporation, therefore, want to develop bridges of understanding and goodwill between us and ensure that communication and feedback channels remain open between us.I would like to assure you that jagdalpur municipal corporation is fully alive to its responsibilities and committed to giving the city its due pride of place amongst the best cities of the nation. For us, improving the quality of life is not just the top priority, it is the only priority. For this great task, the Corporation will mobilize all resources at its command so that it could discharge its functions in an efficient and effective manner. I know we as an organization are not perfect and still there is lot of scope for improvement. As Mayor, I assure and promise you that I will take all possible steps to ensure that we meet the expectations of the public at large.On the other hand, we also have great expectation from you. While we do our duty to the best of our capability, we in turn expect you to help us in a number of ways to keep jagdalpur clean, green and healthy.You can make jagdalpur a better city by observing simple civic rules:

If you are a property-owner, pay your tax in time. Pay all your dues and taxes in time.
While going to construct a house, obtain permission from the Corporation.
Ensure that mosquito genic conditions are not created in and around your premises.
Keep parks, gardens and other public places clean.
Don’t urinate in open.
Don’t litter in public places.
Don’t spit on the roads.
Don’t use polythene bags.
Don’t throw garbage into drains.
Don’t burn the garbage.
Don’t allow pet animals, cows, etc. move freely on roads.

Remember, Jagdalpur is home to all of us. While we have certain rights as citizens, we also have certain duties as enlightened citizens.

Message From Commissioner's Desk

The focus of the JMC has been, and always will be, to ensure intelligent and empathetic governance for the people of this great city that we "CITY of SQUARE". The JMC’s new website is a project that is a cornerstone of this philosophy. In order to govern in this mordern era, it is imperative that the administration has the channels and tools to reach out to the people, and to reflect their hopes and ambitions. The website is part of our effort to make the JMC even more accessible to our citizens, whether it is through news, views or simply contact information about the JMC and its officials.


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